Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KBR Frustrated-Bloggers Can't Be Controlled

It's true. In a Federal Court hearing yesterday regarding the electrocution death of SSG Ryan Maseth, highly paid KBR attorney's whined about bloggers.

In a quote from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "KBR attorney Joseph Luciana accused Harris, her attorneys and several members of Congress of trying the case in the news media. He said they generated news releases and offered comments that resulted in inaccurate reporting in the local and national press and in a blog written by a former KBR employee." (that's me!! Ms Sparky!! he he he)

In a quote from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “That statement is outright false,” Mr. Luciana said. “KBR has the absolute right and the duty to go out and tell truth about what happened here. “We have a constitutional right to defend ourselves against negative, misleading information.”

Too bad KBR employees don't have that same constitutional right to defend themselves from KBR's negative misleading information!!

Does that make you just sick or what! Oh Booooo Freakin' Hooooo KBR!!! I can only imagine how frustrating it is for KBR to be unable to threaten and intimidate the blogoshere like they do their own employees in Middle East. I can imagine how all this publicity is just making them crazy!

I call for an all out Blogowar!! Blogswarm!! Blog-whatever!! Everyone blog about KBR today and let them know what you think of them and their incessant freakin' "whoa is me" whining. KBR, you don't have to worry about us bloggers ruining your image. You did that all by yourself!

Ms Sparky