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"ABC:NSA Agents Admit Spying on Americans"Private Calls""

Query: Are Republicans More Slimy, Or Scummy? Or Just Really, Really Sh*tty? Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

You know, you're stuck in Bumf*ck, Afghanistan or Al Sewer, Iraq, and you get a chance to call your Mom or your bro or your sweetie back in the World, and you're all of a sudden a human being again, not so much a fierce warrior, for a couple minutes; just a kid from Kansas, talkin' to somebody he or she f*ckin' loves. You get all emotional, sh*t, you're just so relieved and happy to be alive for one more conversation with the most important person in your life. Maybe Mom breaches operational security and reveals that Dad is really, really sick, it could be cancer. Maybe your little brother asks you if he should tell Mom he's gay. Maybe your main squeeze wants to get a lil sumpin-sumpin' over the phone. Whatevers. It's real. It's good. It's life, in a world of death & pain.


Through the miracle of modern telecommunications, all of a sudden, you're a freakin' human being again, not just a human target. Except, some techno-spook is recording the whole thing, and maybe having a great big guffaw over it with his buds back in the National Security Agency listening post. Kinda boring down there, since Bin Ladin stopped calling. Can't really blame them. Undt, Komrad, zey vere chust vollowing ordahs, jah?

So, this is what McSame and his McDaddy, Dubya mean by "supporting the troops"? I don't want to violate any laws here, I'm sure the Secret Service has a full plate with McCain & Palin trying to instigate an Obama assassination full time now, but, hey, is it, like, illegal to puke on a President or a Presidential candidate? And if so, why? Just regular puke, not nukuler puke or anything. Hunh? Seriously, email if you know, ASAP, I'm really feeling f*ckin' nauseous...

"Report: U.S. spied on Americans' intimate conversations abroad"

' Congress is looking into allegations that National Security Agency linguists have been eavesdropping on Americans abroad. Government linguists say the U.S. eavesdropped on Americans, including military officers serving in Iraq. The congressional oversight committees said Thursday that the Americans targeted included military officers in Iraq who called friends and family in the United States. The allegations were made by two former military intercept operators on a television news report Thursday evening. A terrorist surveillance program instituted by the Bush administration allows the intelligence community to monitor phone calls between the United States and overseas without a court order -- as long as one party to the call is a terror suspect. Adrienne Kinne, a former U.S. Army Reserves Arab linguist, told ABC News the NSA was listening to the phone calls of U.S. military officers, journalists and aid workers overseas who were talking about "personal, private things with Americans who are not in any way, shape or form associated with anything to do with terrorism." David Murfee Faulk, a former U.S. Navy Arab linguist, said in the news report that he and his colleagues were listening to the conversations of military officers in Iraq who were talking with their spouses or girlfriends in the United States. According to Faulk, they would often share the contents of some of the more salacious calls stored on their computers, listening to what he called "phone sex" and "pillow talk." Both Kinne and Faulk worked at the NSA listening facility at Fort Gordon, Georgia. They told ABC that when linguists complained to supervisors about eavesdropping on personal conversations, they were ordered to continue transcribing the calls. '

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MCCAINdiaper That Old Man Smell Of Desperation copyright 2008 Cosanostradamus blog me no blogs

It's Very Unpleasant, The Republican Aroma Of Abject Failure. It Smells Like . . . Bush.

As John Sidney "POW" McCain III slowly sinks into the political abyss, his overweaningly ambitious running mate makes one last frenzied attempt to claw her way to the top. Promised a virtual or actual Presidency if she can just salvage the wreck of McSame's campaign, airhead Sarah Palin is now resorting to outright smears based on bald-faced lies.

Still, McBush has already conceded Michigan, and Pennsylvania may be next: Poor old broke-down John "My Wife's A 'C*nt' " McCain has pulled out of the Republican-depressed Automobile State. The poor old guy went to hide in Iowa rather than show his cancerous face in the anxious blue-collar Steel State. He's trailing even in GOP-subverted Florida. McSame may lose formerly reliable-racist Republican Virginia. Can Indiana and Ohio be far behind?

The Repukelickin Party, terrified of losing its' death-grip on power, is going straight to its' last resort: The Party of Greed and Anger, is switching gears to its' old fallbacks, Hatred and Fear. "Obama is not like us" (he's black!), "Obama hates America" (HE'S BLACK!!), "Obama pals around with bad men from the Big City" (HE'S BLAAAAACK!!!). Did they mention that Barack is black? Not yet, not explicitly. They're cowardly little racist, race-baiting *ssholes; always have been. But their message has always been the same: "Law & order," "Welfare queens," "Willie Horton," et cetera, ad nauseum, always meant "We'll keep the 'n*ggers' down for ya, Bubba!" and absolutely nothing more. It's code that even right-wing morons can understand.

This year, not without trepidation, the Democrats have shown the courage and strength of character to confront racism head on, and nominate a man of African ancestry to be our next President. The Republicans, meanwhile, have shown their true colors by nominating two extremely white people, both known for their anti-African-American sentiments. McCain played the "maverick" by opposing the institution of the Federal Holiday honoring martyred moderate black leader Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr. Sarah Palin was deliberately chosen, it is now obvious, for being the living embodiment of redneck ignorance, and white-State prejudice. (Oh, and the "c*nt vote." Since McCain thinks all women are "c*nts," he must figure having a real "c*nt" on the ticket will get their votes.)

The Repukelickin' candidates are cowardly and without a shred of real character. McCain betrayed his country by collaborating with the enemy in North Vietnamese communist propaganda during the Vietnam War. When he came home from Nam, McSame dumped the crippled wife who had waited faithfully for him for five long lonely years, and flitted off with a rich drug-addicted beer queen. McCain's new wife Cindy was then busted for stealing drugs from poor, sick children. McCain himself narrowly escaped indictment during the Savings & Loan scandal. What character!

Palin flies her whole family around the country at taxpayer expense, and collects thousands in per diem for sleeping in her own bed. She fired a respected Alaska State Police commander when he refused to fire her sister's ex-husband, a decorated State Trooper. Now she doesn't dare show her face in Alaska, and the national Republican Party organisation of John McBush is running Alaska in her absence, trying to supress the investigation of "Troopergate." Let's not even talk about her under-aged, unmarried, unsafe-sexually-active daughter, or the infant Governor Palin starved in her own womb, trying to hide her own recent pregnancy. The child was born retarded, and now she uses him to gain sympathy at every campaign stop. Doesn't she worry about his health at all? Or his dignity? Or ours?

As to hating America, and terrorism: Palin wants Alaska to secede from the Union, and break up our great nation. She keeps talking about the Russians, her "neighbors": Maybe she wants to join them? Unlike most Americans she's wallowing in oil money, overjoyed at the high prices. Maybe the Rooskies will offer her a better deal. Traitor? You be the judge.

McCain has voted against going after Osama Bin Laden, and has done nothing to protect us from 9/11's past, present or future. He's so rich and out of touch, he doesn't even know how many houses he owns. And, of course, he could be a "Manchurian Candidate," programmed by the Communists to destroy America from inside the Oval Office. And none dare call it treason?

I guess McPalin fears that all this will come out in the next few weeks. After all, that's how they play the game. So far, Obama has chosen to take the high road. But it's time for the rest of us to give the Repuke's a taste of their own foul medicine. In their case, the truth about them will suffice.

Four, eight, sixteen more years of war and oppression, crises and recessions? The Iraq fiasco is not enough for McCain. He wants another one in Iran, immediately. And Sarah Palin is ready to go to war with Russia over Georgia, Ukrania, or maybe those imaginary Rooskie air-sorties over the Republic of Alyeska (which she and her husband want to "liberate" from "american tyranny").

Don't believe me? Read it & weep:

"McCain Sings Bomb Iran, laughs"

"War with Russia? Palin Talks Foreign Policy with ABC"

"Campaign tries to explain Palin's Putin comment"

"Palin's pals in the Alaska Independence Party had ties to terrorist state Iran. Yes, Iran. The country that wants to wipe Israel off the map. "

"The pastor who clashed with Palin"

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