Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does KBR Make Money Off Dead Soldiers?

An Associated Press article came out this morning and I guess it makes an appropriately disgusting Halloween post.

KBR 3Q profit rose 35 pct as revenue climbs
Associated Press 10.31.08

KBR, which provides engineering services to the energy sector and the government, said Friday its third-quarter profit rose 35 percent as a newly-acquired business and work on Gulf of Mexico vessels drove sharp revenue increases.

Net income rose to $85 million, or 51 cents per share, in the three months ended Sept. 30 from $63 million, or 37 cents, a year ago. Income from continuing operations totaled 44 cents per share, including Hurricane Ike-related costs of 4 to 5 cents a share. (click HERE to read the rest of the article)

First, let me clarify, I think it’s great when companies make money. Especially in this day and age. BUT…I don’t feel the “end justfies the means”! With that said, I have a few questions for KBR, the DoD, Senator Dorgan Chairman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee and Congressman Waxman, Chairman of The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

#1 Under the current LOGCAP III contract, does KBR invoice the DoD for attorney fees incurred while defending themselves in suits filed by former employees and families of dead soldiers and so on?

#2 Under the current LOGCAP III contract, if KBR loses a suit and a settlement is awarded, can KBR invoice the DoD for that settlement?

#3 Under the current LOGCAP III contract, if KBR is allowed to do #1 & #2 above, are they allowed to add their 1% (ie cost plus 1%)?

#4 Under the current LOGCAP III contract, if KBR is allowed to do #1, #2 & #3 above, does the DoD add these invoices in when figuring KBR’s Award Fee amount?

I guess my main question is:

Is KBR Making Money Off Dead Soldiers and Injured and Killed U.S. Citizens?

I was wrong…I have another question. Are my tax dollars paying for KBR’s attorney’s? OMG!! Say it isn’t so!

Somebody set me straight!

Ms Sparky

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Friday, October 31, 2008

The war won't end on Tuesday

From our friends at the Iraq Moratorium:

Yes, we know there's an election in four days, and a lot of folks are preoccupied. By all means, cast a ballot. But don't stop there.

No matter who wins or loses on Tuesday, the war in Iraq won't be over. It will drag on. More blood will be shed.

We want the war, the occupation, and the bloodshed to end as quickly as possible.

That's why in three weeks, on Nov. 21, we will observe the Iraq Moratorium once again. We hope you will again be part of it, as people all across the country interrupt business as usual and take action to call for an end to the war.

If we're going to end this war, it is essential that we keep the pressure on the people who are elected on Tuesday. We learned after the 2006 elections that change does not come quickly, easily, or automatically.

Please plan to join thousands of others who will take some action, big or small, on Nov. 21 to mark the Moratorium. You'll find lots of ideas on the website,

And please take a minute to list the activity you're planning, so others can learn about it and participate, or take heart and inspiration from what you do. Use this easy form to share your plans.

And if you can spare a dime, buddy, we sure could use it, now that the campaigns are winding down. We've operated for more than a year on almost no money or paid staff. But even a shoestring operation needs to buy a shoestring now and then. We'd be most grateful for any help you can offer. Go here to donate.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008




UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU IN THE WORST WAY copyright 2008 Cosanostradamus blog me no blogs
Conduct Un-Becoming Is Becoming A Pretty Big Statistic

Over 15% of all women serving in the US armed forces in the Middle East have been subject to military sexual trauma, which, in English, means sex-crimes perpetrated by fellow servicemen and/ or women. More than one seventh, or a company out of every battalion, have been victimized because of their gender.




Sorry, troopers & marines, that's my impression of a righteous, righteously pissed-off Gunny/ Master Sergeant/ or CO or XO, reaming out the formation. If there is any so righteous. There had f*cking well better be. Because our goddam sisters in arms are our g*ddam BROTHERS-IN-ARMS YOU F*CKING ASSHOLES!!!

"Substantial Proportion of Female Veterans Report Military Sexual Trauma; Military Sexual Trauma Is Associated with Higher Rates of Mental Health Problems"

' According to preliminary research results from the Department of Veterans Affairs, approximately 15 percent of recently returned female veterans utilizing the VA health care system report experiencing sexual trauma during military service. The cross-sectional study, presented at the American Public Health Association’s 136th Annual Meeting & Exposition in San Diego, examined health care screening data of over 100,000 veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) who utilized medical care at any Veterans Health Administration facility during a six-year period. Along with the more than one in seven women, 0.7 percent of males also reported having experienced military sexual trauma (MST). Both males and females reporting MST were more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health condition than patients who did not report MST. '

"15% of female veterans tell of sexual trauma"
' "There is concern about the number of sexual assaults, and we're working very hard to prevent them," says Kaye Whitley, who heads an office created by the Pentagon in 2005 to prevent and respond to the incidents. All service branches are expanding their prevention programs, and her office will launch a prevention effort next year focused on educating 18- to 24-year-old men, she says. A General Accounting Office report in July said training to prevent military sexual assaults isn't consistently effective, some commanders don't support the programs and more than half of victims don't report the incidents. Many women are afraid to report the assaults, says Anita Sanchez of the Miles Foundation, a non-profit that provides services to victims of military-related trauma. Fewer than a third of women who come to Miles for help after sexual assaults say they've told the military, she says. "A typical scenario is it's either a supervisor or someone at her level, in the same military unit. If you come forward, you're tattle-telling on a comrade. Women have told me about the sneers, the sarcastic comments. They can find themselves ostracized," says Sanchez, and when other women see this, the lesson isn't lost on them. '

"Evans Releases Military Sexual Trauma Report Suppressed by Administration "
' Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL), the Ranking Democratic Member of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, today decried the Bush Administration for attempting to hide a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) study and report on military sexual trauma among National Guard and Reserve forces. Despite the Bush Administration’s refusal to release it, Evans obtained the long overdue report that was originally due by March 2001. Evans has repeatedly requested the report and had been told it is under review at the Office of Management and Budget. The VA report indicates that across National Guard and Reserve components the estimated prevalence of any military sexual trauma (MST) among females is 60% and among males is 27%. MST includes sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. The report also states the estimated prevalence for rape among females is 11% and among males is 1.2%. '

"Military Sexual Trauma"
' Roughly one in seven of America's active duty military soldiers is a woman, but a NOW investigation found that sexual assault and rape is widespread. One study of National Guard and Reserve forces found that almost one in four women had been assaulted or raped. Last year alone, almost 3,000 soldiers reported sexual assault and rape by other soldiers. In one of the only national television broadcasts of the issue, NOW features women who speak out for the first time about what happened. One woman recounts her ordeal of rape by her superior officer. Many more don't report the incidents for fear of how it will affect their careers. The shocking phenomenon has a label: military sexual trauma, or MST. NOW meets women courageously battling to overcome their MST, bringing light to an issue that's putting the Army in shame. '

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Monday, October 27, 2008




"US attacks Syria"

"John McCain on Meet The Press"

Coincidence? Or Fair Warning Of Another Stolen Election: You Be The Judge, Jury And Guard At Gitmo

Bush raided Syria. Is this what McSame had in mind when he made this "prediction"? Or do the 'Pukes have something worse in store for America?

"McCain guarantees victory"

How can he "guarantee" victory, being so far behind? Exactly what does he base that "guarantee on? Why do these idiot corporate media lapdog reporters never ask the OBVIOUS questions in response to sh*t like this??? Oh, right, they wanna hang on to their cushy part-time jobs and their seven-figure salaries. I get it. "Country Last," eh boys?


' “I guarantee you that two weeks from now, you will see this has been a very close race, and I believe that I'm going to win it,” McCain told interim "Meet" moderator Tom Brokaw. “We're going to do well in this campaign, my friend. We're going to win it, and it's going to be tight, and we're going to be up late.” '

He's being rather cocky & quite specific, like he knows something we don't know, in advance, something he couldn't know unless the fix was already in. Did he spill the beans today, or are we being prepped for another 2000/ 2004 election result?

The pollsters are suddenly providing back-story in advance, too:
' Reuters reported that Obama's lead has dropped over the last three days after hitting a high of 12 points on Thursday. Pollster John Zogby said: "Things are trending back for McCain. His numbers are rising and Obama's are dropping on a daily basis. There seems to be a direct correlation between this and McCain talking about the economy." '

McBush was talking about the economy? When was that? Was that the day the markets dropped record points? It's not exactly his strong suit. And who was listening? "Likely voters"? Like, straight white Christian evangelical Republican conservative retired miltary males over eighty with really bad hemorrhoids?

Better get ready for another October Surprise, or major election-theft, backed up by the Supremes. Time to start organizing a general strike?

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