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2008 - KBR's 5th Year Of LOGCAP Fraud, Waste & Abuse

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When I first came up with this idea to do a recap of KBR activity for 2008, I didn't think it would take me three days to do the research and compile all the info. I haven't been following everything that KBR has been up to. That would take a full-time "staff". I found out things I didn't even know were going on. And after all that research...all I can really say is...if it walks like a duck and talks like a must be a freakin' duck!

I tried to get my dates as accurate as possible. If I'm incorrect, send me an email and I will correct it. If I missed something, send me an email and I will add it.

January 2008

01/02/2008 - SSG Ryan Maseth is electrocuted in his shower and dies at Radwaniyah Palace Complex in Baghdad, Iraq due to shoddy electrical work. Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) opens investigation into manner of death.
01/??/2008 - KBR employee, Dawn Leamon was drugged and brutally raped in her room at Camp Harper in Southern Iraq.

February 2008

02/27/2008 -KBR employee Tracy K Barker was raped in Basra, Iraq. - Another of KBR's rape victims to come forward Click HERE to read a very interesting post

March 2008

03/09/2008 - AP Exclusive - US troops may have become sick in Iraq from contaminated water supplied by KBR
03/12/2008 - Pentagon Dismisses KBR Contaminated Water: Troops Should ‘Just Drink Bottled Water’
03/19/08 - Cheryl Harris, SSG Ryan Maseth's mother files "Wrongful Death" lawsuit against KBR in Pennsylvania.

April 2008

04/09/2008 - Former KBR employees Dawn Leamon and Mary Beth Kineston testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about their rapes in Iraq - Closing Legal Loopholes:Prosecuting Sexual Assaults And Other Violent Crimes Committed Overseas By American Civilians In A Combat Environment
04/28/2008 - Senate DPC Hearing - Contracting Abuses in Iraq:Is the Bush Administration Safeguarding American Taxpayer Dollars? - KBR employees working in Iraq stole weapons, artwork and even gold to make spurs for cowboy boots, two former company workers told Senate Democrats.

May 2008

05/09/2008 - Former KBR employee and Jamie Leigh Jones gang rape case goes to trial instead of arbitration!
05/25/2008 - 9 former KBR employees file suit for sodium dichromate exposure.

June 2008

06/02/2008 - My first blog post about KBR and the soldier electrocutions. (It's important to me!)
06/11/2008 - The Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) finds SSG Ryan Maseth's death was an "accident". (CID reopens investigation 08/29/2008)
06/20/2008 - Senate DPC Hearing - The Exposure at Qarmat Ali: Contractor Misconduct and the Safety of U.S. Troops in Iraq Former KBR employees testify about how KBR knowingly exposed US Troops and their own employees to Hexavalent Chromium (Chrom-6).
06/20/2008 - Group demands that California Public Employees' Retirement System (CALPERS) dump KBR Inc stocks. What a great idea!!!

July 2008

07/01/2008 - Senator Casey expresses concerns about KBR performing own electrical inspections.
07/09/2008 - Senate DPC Hearing - Safeguarding Taxpayer Dollars in Iraq: An Insider's View of Questionable Contracting Practices by KBR and the Pentagon Former Chief of the Field Support Command Division testifies to personally witnessing KBR submitting over $1 billion in unsupported charges.
07/11/2008 - Senate DPC Hearing - Contractor Misconduct and the Electrocution Deaths of American Soldiers in Iraq Mothers Cheryl Harris, Larraine McGee, Soldier Rachel McNeil and Electricians Debbie Crawford and Jeff Bliss testify to shoddy electrical work done by KBR. More videos and media coverage.
07/17/2008 - The H.R. HEART Act of 2008 goes into affect. KBR can no longer avoid paying millions in Social Security and Medicare taxes. To bad it's not retroactive.
07/17/2008 - Fisher v. Halliburton - KBR Lawsuit Revived - The “Good Friday Massacre.” Friday, April 9, 2004. KBR truck drivers were sent out on convoy when KBR was told they would be attacked.
07/18/2008 - Electrical Risks at Bases in Iraq Worse Than Previously Said
07/18/2008 - Senators Want Independent Safety Review of KBR's Electrical Work in Iraq
07/21/2008 - Larraine McGee, mother of SSG Christopher Everett file suit against KBR for his electrocution death at Camp Taqqadum.
07/30/2008 - Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hold hearings on Deficient Electrical Systems at U.S. Facilities in Iraq KBR's Tom Bruni, the DoD and DCMA are totally humiliated by the Committee for their shoddy work and lack of oversight.

August 2008

08/??/2008 - KBR changes it's qualification requirements for it's electricians requiring them to be licensed. It also increases journeyman wages to $3750 base and masters to $5000 base. Finally!!!
08/12/2008 - Curtis Coffey files suit. Iraq Injury Spurs Class Action Against KBR
08/27/2008 -KBR, Partner in Iraq Contract Sued in Human Trafficking Case - Suit Alleges Slavery
08/29/2008 - The Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) re-opens the investigation into the cause of SSG Ryan Maseth's death.

September 2008

09/??/2008 - Task Force Safe is implemented to inspect the electrical wiring at 90,000 DoD facilities including those maintained by KBR.
09/03/2008 - Former KBR Exec pleads guilty to bribery and is sentenced to seven years.
09/11/2008 - KBR issued Level III Corrective Action Request (CAR) by the DCMA in Iraq.
09/27/2008 - Electrical Review Turns Up 3700 fires Not The 483 Reported!
09/29/2008 - IBEW Urges Electrical Safety In Iraq

October 2008

10/??/2008 - KBR claims all electrical work in Iraq was done to British Standards
10/10/2008 - Former KBR employee gets 3 years for child porn in Iraq
10/24/2008 - Pentagon Finds Company Violated Its Contract on Electrical Work in Iraq - NY Times

November 2008

11/24/2008 - Contractor (KBR) for military committed serious violations-CNN
11/26/2008 - Suit claims Halliburton, KBR sickened base - Ice tainted with body fluids, rotten food and contaminated water.

December 2008

12/03/2008 - KBR involved in Human Trafficking...again.
12/08/2008 - Indiana National Guard file suit against KBR for chemical exposure at Qarmat Ali water plant.
12/29/2008 - New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr., on behalf of the New York City Pension Funds demands answers. I hope more Pension Funds SELL their KBR and HALLIBURTON shares because of the Waste, Fraud & Abuse in Iraq!!!
12/31/2008 - The last day for Contractor Immunity in Iraq

What I'd Like To See For 2009
  • I want to know if KBR is invoicing the DoD (and therefore the American Taxpayer) for the costs associated with defending itself in the cases of "wrongful death" of soldiers, the Qarmat Ali chemical exposures, the Human Trafficking suits, the employee rape suits and any other cases that have to do with LOGCAP.
  • I would like to see the Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) finalize their investigation in the Soldier electrocution cases, file criminal charges, and send out a press release on the above!!
  • I would like to see the Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID) open an investigation into the chemical exposure of our soldiers and civilians at Qarmat Ali. Is there one already? Send me an email.
  • I would like to start a "grass roots" campaign to get pension funds, retirement accounts and others to sell their shares of KBR and Halliburton stocks. Yes...they are making money now. But drug cartels make money too and we don't invest in least knowingly. I could use some help here! Email me.
  • I would like to see more Human Trafficking Organizations get involved in KBR's Human Trafficking in the middle east.
  • I would like to see Congress demand an all out independent audit of KBR invoices and payments.
  • I would like to see Congress find out exactly what KBR charged the DoD for man hours worked. Did they charge more than straight time for overtime? Did they charge uplift for every hour worked and then only pay for 40 hours?
  • And most of all, what I would like to see for 2009 is KBR senior executives sentenced to prison for their part in the negligent deaths of US soldiers and US Civilians, human trafficking of third world laborers and the fleecing of the American taxpayer.

Happy New Year

Ms Sparky