Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Shaun Says This..."Ever Wonder"

The Shaun says this...

Ever wonder what's going on in the minds of our leaders as it relates to the IRAQ war.

Now that it has lasted over 5 years and more people have died in this war than who died in the tragedy of 9/11 (which was what was said to be the reason we started the war).

Do you think they pray for the safe return of our troops?

Is it blind patriotism that gives us the faith that this war is just?

Without the tragic events that led to the war, how does that effect the support for it?

Why has the news of coverage of the war slowly faded over the last few months?

Why, once a hot topic in the presidential race, is the war seemly an afterthought?

Never be afraid to ask yourself or your leaders the tough questions because if they're never asked, we'll never work on getting the answers to those questions.

Just because you may not want to know the answers to those questions, it doesn't mean they shouldn't be asked.