Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hate Is Dividing Us and We Must Unite Against A Common Enemy

Labels divide us and some of our fellow Americans are unknowingly using them to help bin Laden implement his plan to destroy us.

At the start of this conflict, bin Laden committed a horrendous crimial act and murdered almost 3,000 citizens of the world. He wanted to defeat us by collapsing our financial infrastructure centered around the World Trade Center. But we came together and stopped him.

But that didn't last long. A neocon agenda, that had been waiting in the background for years, was ready and available to change the world.

Our president took that agenda for his own and proceeded to lie us into a war for oil. He used various pretenses like protecting us from WMDs and later rescuing the citizens of Iraq from a cruel dictator. He played enough of us and our Congress into a first ever preemptive battle with Iraq and a follow-on occupation that is costing tens of billions a month. Add to these occupation costs the costs of bailing out our financial systems, Bush's tax cuts for the rich and families loosing their homes, and what is the result? Our nation and economy are going bankrupt.

"So we are continuing this policy of bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy." This statement was made in a video on October 30, 2004. The speaker was Osama bin Laden.

But that was then and, unfortunately, has mostly been forgotten. However, four years later, his wishes are unfolding before his eyes and he has done nothing.

And now, as we near the end of the 2008 election cycle, what else is happening and how does it fit into bin Laden's plans?

We have hate speech and negative labels aimed at Senator Obama and his supporters by some McCain/Palin supporters.

How does bin Laden view these attacks of one group of Americans against another? Isn't dividing your enemies forces another war tactic? Can you imagine how ecstatic bin Laden must be as he watches us fight amongst ourselves? This is all happening while the world watches and bin Laden does nothing - not even a video to tweek our collective noses. Absolutely nothing. A small group of our fellow Americans and their national candidates are doing the dividing for him.

Hate and labels divide.

We must unite or witness destruction from within while bin Laden smirks from afar.

Originally posted at The WAWG Blog

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