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"Palin ABC interview - Part 1 -- September 11, 2008 -- Sarah Palin interviewed by ABC's Charles Gibson"

"Palin ABC interview - Part 2 -- September 11, 2008 -- Sarah Palin interviewed by ABC's Charles Gibson"

"Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question"

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, China, Palin's Ready To Fight 'Em All

Unfortunately, she has no clue about the situation with any of these countries. Unfortunately for us McCain will be almost certainly be dead within a year. Look what the job did to far younger men. He seems to be relieved that he doesn't have to really run or prepare or pretend to be the President now that Governor Barracuda has stepped into his tired old shoes. All she had to say was: "WOW! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!"

Unfortunately, the 'Cuda just ain't up to the job. (She couldn't even handle college on the Big Island of Hawaii, at lame-o rich kid tanning university HPU.) Being Commander in Chief of the planet's most deadly military machine, and enforcer for its' increasingly monstrous economy, the job of President of the United States of America, the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world, is a teeny bit more complicated than following orders from the oil companies and the Alaska Republican Party (population 100,000) while skinning a moose.

Unfortunately, the job requires that you take an interest in economic, trade, diplomatic and military strategy and tactics. It's not enough to be able to say, like a precocious five year old, "Oh, Russia, I know where that country is! It's right over there!" You have to know what it means to be playing chicken with them in the Black Sea, and now the Caribbean. It's not enough to be able to parrot the notions, "Bush good," and "terrorism bad."

Unfortunately for Sarah, and the world, you have to actually know what the so-called Bush Doctrine (more like a cocktail napkin) did to warp and wreck our military and foreign policy in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, Israel and Turkey, Poland and Georgia, North Korea and Burma. You have to read a few headlines, and maybe even a couple of paragraphs of the news stories that they put under them sometimes. You know, the wordy things next to the pictures? Or maybe you could even read one of those book thingies they used to have in the lieberry before you closed it down and burned all the books, in your dreams.

Unfortunately, this will all come out when Joe Biden debates Sarah Palin on national TV. Unless, as usual, they have one of those softball not-hardly-in-the-same-room affairs where no one actually says anything for a whole hour or more. If they did get to exchange ideas, once she ran out of "zingers" and pat phrases, Palin would be easy pickins for Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Biden. She could barely handle herself with warm and fuzzy Good Morning America eunuch Charlie Gibson. She kept calling him "CHAR-lie," like a first-year kindergarten teacher trying to control her class, and her anger at her class.

Unfortunately, the Repukelickin's have run raw rank incompetents and arrant fools for high office before. In fact, that's what they usually run. And they win. Stupid people love 'em, smart people get too disgusted to vote. But this time, the even lamer half of the ticket has the background of a bowling champion, and she WILL have to do the Biggest Job In The World for real in a matter of months. She crows arrogantly that she's ready for it. "Never batted an eye" when McCain asked her to run with him. That's her idea of wise consideration of complex problems fraught with danger: Never bat an eye. What's the female equivalent of ignorant stupid macho bravado? Macho bitcho?

Unfortunately, we may be about to find out. The illiterate beauty queen's "moose in the headlights" act may not play so well when she tries it on Hu or Putin, Kim or Khamenei. And they will come a-knockin' soon as McCain croaks. They're right next door, dontchya know?

"Palin Channels Cheney's 9/11-Iraq Falsehoods"

' When everyone's attention was focusing on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's less-than-reassuring interview about foreign policy with ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson, the Republican nominee for vice president was off delivering a speech in which she suggested a dramatically greater ignorance of recent history and international affairs than was on display in the interview. Speaking at Alaska's Fort Wainwright on Thursday, where she hailed the combat deployment of her son's Army unit to Iraq as a "righteous cause," Palin explicitly and repeatedly renewed the discredited claim that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was initiated as a necessary and credible response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. '

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