Thursday, August 28, 2008

Katrina Commemoration March: Providence RI-- 8/29

Three years after Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast, Join the Commemoration March in Providence. Featuring words, action, music, and art, we will make our way second-line style along the Hurricane Evacuation route, making stops that will highlight the issues of Criminalization, Gentrification, Foreclosures, Immigrant Rights, and Education that connect the struggles of residents from Providence to New Orleans. Special guest speaker- Katrina Survivor and leader from Safe Streets Strong Communities NOLA! Don't miss it!

Does anyone doubt that the War in Iraq has played a role in the government response (and lack of responses) to Katrina?

One of my neighbors who is a full-time national guardsman, and originally from Louisiana, told me how his troops returned from Iraq and were immediately stationed in New Orleans. It was a devastating experience for them as they were not prepared or able to assist...

There is a facebook page for this event.