Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Use Iraq Moratorium to stop war with Iran

Friday, July 18, is Iraq Moratorium day #11.

It is a day, as is the Third Friday of every month, on which individuals and groups across the country take some action to call for the end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

The number of listed events on the Iraq Moratorium national website, IraqMoratorium.org, is approaching 100, with more still being added.

Since it began in September, more than 1,000 events in 41 states and 235 communities have taken place under the Iraq Moratorium banner.

This month, many peace groups are asking people to contact Congress members on Iraq Moratorium day and ask them to stop a new proposal, House Concurrent Resolution 362, which essentially calls for a blockade of Iran and is steamrolling its way through the House.

HCR 362 is a dangerous bill calling for severe sanctions--far beyond those proposed by the Bush administration--and could be interpreted as an act of war under international law. It would further alienate Iran and could trigger retaliation against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, blockage of oil shipments through the straits of Hormuz, and potential involvement of other nations in the region. If we want catastrophe in the Middle East, deeper recession and gas at $6 per gallon, this would do it.

United for Peace and Justice, the nation's largest antiwar coalition (and an endorser of the Iraq Moratorium) has designed July 19-21 as days of action to stop a war with Iran. Details here.

The whole concept of the Moratorium is to do something to interrupt business as usual -- to stop what you're doing on Friday, interrupt your normal routine, and do one thing, whatever it may be, to end this senseless, bloody war.

Participants either take part in a group action or do something individually -- wear an armband or button; write, call or email their Congressional representatives; put up a yard sign, or donate to a group working to stop the war. Group actions include rallies, marches, vigils, speakers, films and other activities.

There are lots of ideas and organizing tools on the website, as well as reports, photos and videos from around the country.

Will you do something?