Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tom Hayden exposes the real Obama on Iraq

Hayden has crystal-clear analysis of the real Barack Obama position on Iraq, viewpoints that many liberal Democratic Party bloggers, may not like to discuss.

More ambiguous than audacious.

“(That) pledge also has been laced with loopholes all along, caveats that the mainstream media and his opponents (excepting Bill Richardson) have ignored or avoided until now.

Then he adopted the safe, nonpartisan formula of the Baker-Hamilton Study Group, which advocated the withdrawal of combat troops while leaving thousands of American counter-terrorism units, advisers and trainers behind.

And, as for Obama’s “refining,” Hayden calls him out on that right away.
“I intend to end this war.”

Beyond that, Hayden notes that the whole thrust of Obama’s speech is to buck final responsibility to the military. If Petraeus says, “too dangerous to bring them home,” well, who is Civilian Obama to overrule that?

Read the whole column; Hayden is spot on. Hayden concludes with four talking point “demands” for Obama to show his progressive peace talker bona fides.