Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plans to End Our Democracy - And Still No Impeachment Hearings?

Are you aware of the plans to bankrupt our nation?

A year ago, I wrote a long article about the goals of Karl Rove and his fellow authoritarian conspirators. The article reviewed Karl's history, goals and underhanded planning expertise, and summarizes his plans for creating a single party state, weakening the federal government's control over business and its assistance for disadvantaged Americans. To do this, Karl and others would bleed "the federal government of its money." After the 2006 Bush tax cuts and years of borrowing for Bush's occupation of Iraq, how's the plan doing? Here's an image to help.

Neocon's plan to bankrupt the country is working — bin Laden couldn't be happier

Looks like Karl, Bush, et al., have been quite successful.

Compare their plan with the following quote, "So we are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy." This statement was made in a video on October 30, 2004. The speaker in this video was Osama bin Laden.


What about plans to boost the price of oil?

Oil economist Dr Mamdouh Salameh reported back in May of this year that if Bush had not lied us into the invasion of Iraq, the cost of oil would be something less than $40.00. Instead, the price of oil in May was $135 a barrel. Think Progress summarized the oil price situation this way, "The Bush administration’s catastrophic decision to invade Iraq, sink the nation into debt to pay for that war, and consequently, weaken the dollar have all caused oil prices to soar astronomically." (Do you suppose that the oil companies have more than made back their political contributions to both Bush campaigns?)

Back in 1998 a book by Jamal Abdul Latif Ismail was published. In a review of this book, Donna Abu-Nasr, of the Associated Press, provided this paraphrased segment from a 54 page interview documented in the book:

Bin Laden claimed the United States has carried out the "biggest theft in history'' by buying oil from Persian Gulf countries at low prices. According to bin Laden, a barrel of oil today should cost $144.

The price of oil earlier this month reached $145. Bush and bin Laden are again on the same page of their respective plans. (Notice something? Bush has out done bin Ladin much as he has out done his father. Just what we need. Two global bullies trying to out do each other.)


What about where Bush and bin Ladin keep and protect their plans from public view?

On the one hand, we have bin Laden's public plans. On the other, we have Cheney's man-sized safe and "executive privilege." Why do you suppose our leaders are hiding their plans? Do you suppose they realize they have something in common with our arch enemy and need to keep us from noticing?


Does it appear to you that bin Laden and our own authoritarian leaders are working toward the same end? Isn't aiding the enemy treason? Isn't treason a high crime? And Congress hasn't yet initiated impeachment proceedings because ...?

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