Friday, June 20, 2008

The Neocon's Solution to Our Dependency on Foreign Oil - The 51st State

Imagine a group of neocons gathered together brainstorming about our dependency on foreign oil. During this meeting, they write down a set of questions for which they discuss the possible answers. Here is one possible list they might develop and their conclusion:

Which country are we trying to remake in our own image?

Which country has more American military personnel than all of our current 50 states?

Which country is getting more money every month from our federal government than any of the current 50 states?

Which country might end up with more military bases than we have Army and Air Force bases in our current 50 states?

Which country now has all the major oil companies gaining a foothold in it's oil industry?

Which country could double our national oil reserves and make a truly big dent in our foreign oil dependency if it became our 51st state?


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