Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bush Goes to GITMO: How the Patriot Act Makes Bush a 'Terrorist'!

The Patriot Act makes it a felony to disseminate or provide false information about 'terrorism'. What has Bush done BUT lie about terrorism? Bush has repeatedly stated that 'the United States is waging a war on terror.' That'a a lie about 'terrorism', a violation of the US Patriot Act! Bush goes to GITMO!

As Bush has most certainly never told the truth about 911, al Qaeda, or the phony 'war on terrorism', then any one of his many lies chosen at random should suffice to send his sorry ass to GITMO. As Bush has falsely characterized the 'war on terrorism', any lie supporting it violates the Patriot Act! Exquisite justice! Exquisite irony! A Greek Tragedian nor William Shakespeare could not have done a better job! Bush is stuck on his own flypaper!

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