Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Iraq Head-Lines...

PETRAEUS: Iraq Security Improved, but `Fragile, Reversible’
There is a method to it, a scheme that leaches,
Oozing ugliness from the general’s lips.
It burns my anxious ears and disbelieving eyes.
I hear Gaspar Noe’s `Irreversible’,
See the weight of its cruel cacophony.

U.S. FORCES clash with Iraq militia
Boil burn boil burn boil burn `n bubble
Extremists unfound in this capricious mix
Citizens hunched, resentment

AL-SADR calls for million-Iraqi rally against U.S.
One million liberated flora marching
To our one hundred forty thousand
More than enough blooms

NATO BACKS Bush's European Missle Shield
Again with the ideas shielding pragmatism
Roar of incoming freedom haters
Hiss of outbound liberators

CLERIC Suspends Battle in Basra by Shiite Militia
They say it’s the thickness of blood
That shapes our hearts…
All this dissolving.

TRACKING a Marine Lost at Home
He was looking for home
When eyes returned
Murdered occasion.

DESTROYING Torture Tapes - Freeing themselves from serious legal trouble
A shrieking pale
Is and shall be the ghosts haunting the masters of this
Frame by frame

MCCAIN warns of Iraq genocide
And there he was
Hunched like a sniper, crowd of microphones, a glazed, suffering face
Of one who knows not where they are

BUSH LAUDS pace of Iraq progress
Something is missing
Which explains such optimism, his legendary dim sightedness
I say this as it would be shameful not to mention his strengths

FIGHTING IN BASRA sets off clashes throughout Iraq
Misery shuffled like a deck of cards without aces
Game long over, playing on
Keen to craving power