Monday, April 14, 2008

Barry Crimmins Is Giving Away The Store!

Okay, a slight exaggeration, but Barry Crimmins is offering free - absolutely no strings - his first recording "Kill The Messenger", to any-and-all, for the downloading.

Recorded in 1991, this has Crimmins coming off the decade-plus that saw him run the legendary Ding Ho Comedy Club, in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA, as well as establishing himself as the best political satirist in the country.

He also would have been, around this time, fresh off tours with people like Steven Wright, Billy Bragg and Jackson Browne.

In October of that year, before the most memorable of the Clarence Thomas hearings had taken place, the Boston Baked Theater (later to become Jimmy Tingle's Off-Broadway Theater) in Somerville, Ma. filled to capacity two nights in a row for performance that were recorded by Green Linnet Records. Howard Zinn graciously introduced political satirist Barry Crimmins. The audiences were wonderful, Barry was on top of his game. Scathing humor lacerated deserving targets.The result was the critically acclaimed album, Kill the Messenger. Considering how many of the problems of 17 years ago still exist today, it's no surprise that this recording remains quite relevant. There is one one major change -- back then you had to spend plunging American dollars to buy Kill the Messenger. But as of today, this classic recording is available for free via download as a gesture of solidarity and generosity by former Green Linnet CEO Wendy Newton and (obviously) by Barry, as well.

So, go to the post "The too recent past", where the links lay, for you to download one cut, or all, of "Kill The Messenger".

Free! ... Nada! ... No strings, No catches! ... Again, absolutely FREE!

You'll be happy that you do so.

Otherwise ...

Visit The Barry Crimmins website

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Editor's Note

For OOIBC Members not familiar with Barry Crimmins, he is a long-standing activist, opposing war and the Military Industrial Complex and was awarded, among his many accolades, the 1994 Courage of Conscience Award.

Here's some bonus links for you.

Text of remarks made by Barry Crimmins on February 8, 1994, on occasion of receiving the Courage of Conscience Award with Dr. Maya Angelou from The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA.

Special Note - You can catch America's best satirist, Barry Crimmins and his live reports for the Randi Rhodes Show from Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas on Air America Radio; Read Barry's article, 'Home On The Range' in the lastest edition of 'The Boston Phoenix'.

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