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Does America believes in justice for the people of Iraq? An Open Response To Matthew Walleser’s Informed Comment Editorial on Iraqi Collaborators

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If the Iraqi army invaded the United States and was repelled, what would become of the American collaborators, informers, and traitors?

Would Americans want them to escape unscathed to Iraq, or would American justice be demanded?

What if they were also responsible for questioning resisting Americans after brutal torture techniques were applied by... whomever?

dog facing Iraqi prisoner
I would like to think they would be hanged, or stood in front of a firing squad, in a manner and tenor similar to the trial outcomes for the internal security war criminals of Germany at Nuremberg.

trial at nuremberg

The open letter which follows was a comment posting (slightly elaborated upon) rejected by the moderator @ Juan Cole's Informed Comment for the article:


Informed Comment
Saturday, March 01, 2008

Walleser Guest Editorial on Imperilled US Allies among the 4 Million Iraqi Refugees

...This is what has to be done by our government in this great time of need for Iraqi refugees which helped out the U.S. and are now at the end of their ropes. They have few options left and few places to turn. The U.S. government has the capacity and the funds to carry out this operation. The only matter left to contemplate is whether it has the compassion to do so. No matter what you think about the war and its discontents, this is not about politics.... [In Full]
I beg to differ... It's ALL about politics, patriotism, and social justice.

Now that the U.S. collaborators have helped the invaders of Iraq create circumstances such as this:

Baquba Losing Life – And Hope
Atlantic Free Press - Hard Truths for Hard Times
by Ahmed Ali and Dahr Jamail

dead-iraqi-childBAQUBA, Feb 27 (IPS) - Life has been bad enough in Diyala province north of Baghdad after prolonged violence, unemployment and loss of all forms of normal living. What could be worse now is the loss of hope that anything will ever be better.

In Baquba, capital city of Diyala province 40km northeast of Baghdad, it's all about staying alive. Most people have abandoned all projects and activities to sit at home in safety.

The Iraqi government achieved nothing, just death for this poor province, Hadi Obeid, a now idle trader in Baquba told IPS. If you look for rights, you will find death.

People of this province are dead, says resident Luay Amir, who returned to Iraq in 2004 after living 16 years in Austria. There is no sign of life to be seen. Faces are pale and lifeless, the city is desolate.

People in the city, he said, have no ambitions, no dreams. When they see each other, they greet one another saying, 'good to see you safe'. [In Full]

My only possible, non-emotional (rejected) response follows:


I DO NOT support bringing Iraqi military collaborators with the west here.

I did NOT support the invasion, the rationale for the invasion, or ANYONE who may have assisted that illegal immoral act in ANY WAY, and I won't willingly do so at any point in my life.

Apparently you intentionally or unintentionally support another 50 year low intensity war against whatever remains of Iraq, it's culture, and society much in the manner of our ongoing attempts to destabilize Cuba and much of Latin America.

If it makes it harder to find such collaborators in the future who would help the cretins in power within the U.S. government persecute another nasty little war like Iraq, so much the better... Maybe America's foreign policy actions will slowly be restored to something resembling respect for the global community.

For FAR TOO LONG, our country has rejected economic immigrants unless they were from the rich and upper-middle class of their country arriving with the looted wealth of their nations (My town seems to be getting it's share of extremely bourgeois, westernized, Central Asian 'refugees' at the moment).

On the other hand, we're always too happy to bring in the collaborators from our nasty little global wars for looted resources.

I would suggest that socio-economically, in the long run, those collaborators are of much less value and potential to American society or indeed their own nation than a 'lowly' Mexican field hand or Dominican maid might be... Except perversely, as political or military pawns, satraps, proxies for continued violence against their nation of birth.

The 'Cuban' expat community of Miami is a perfect example of how the US government and the CIA uses these... for want of a better word, "tools".

If you want an organization who's willing to pose as a flying 'christian missionaries' while dropping diseased chickens on their home country, causing malnutrition in a place where it was previously non-existent, then the Cuban Gusano/CIA community in Florida is right up your foreign policy 'alley'.

Another classic example of how US military collaborationist refugees harm our society: The Vietnamese ARVN soldiers we imported after our SE Asian foray into imperial expansion committed strings of heavily armed home invasion robberies against their own expat community in San Jose California for years, before they got too old for it anymore.

Some of their children still do.

I say bring in the average Iraqi workers, the tired, the poor, (the huddled masses yearning to be free) ...the OTHER 3.999999 million Iraqis (Bring Riverbend from Syria!) who these very collaborators have caused to be displaced by GREEDILY (Self-centrically MIGHT be a kinder wording) BELIEVING they'd get a better deal if the west controlled Iraq.

They sold their birthright for pottage. They lacked patriotism to their own nation and their own people (although our government WOULD have us think otherwise, just as our government would have us believe all the other U.S.-centric nonsense our foreign policy hacks spew is applicable to other nations/cultures), and they will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

That is what's commonly called "justice".

Does America believes in justice for the people of Iraq, or doesn't it?

I think not.

Da' Buffalo

[Minor edit March 02 2008]

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