Monday, March 24, 2008

Dick Cheney On Iraq War Dead

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In an exclusive interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC tonight, DeadEye Dick Cheney expounds on the impact of the Iraq war U.S. body count reaching 4,000 yesterday.

Through the use of advanced technology, that could only come to the general public through the proliferation of useful spin off products from the advances in war technology developed by the Bushliburton military industrial complex, we are able to bring to our readers not only DeadEye Dick's words but his concurrent thoughts on the subject:

Illustration: Big Fella

Sometimes when you hear what the arrogant puppet master of Bushliburton says, it is not quite OBVIOUS what he really means.

When November 4, 2008 comes around, it will be up to all of us to make a choice, do we acquiesce to more of the same, a foolhardy and futile expenditure of lives ruined or snuffed out, in pursuit of phantom threats to our homeland, all the while adding to the treasure amassed by the Disaster Capitalism Business Complex, or do we stand up and insist on taking another path, regaining peace and our humanity?