Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bush Announces No Drawdown After July

The evil Bushman is not going to promise a draw down of troops from Iraq as expected. Besides the troops sent in the surge no other soldiers will be coming home on his watch. In fact the number of post surge soldiers on the ground will increase by 6000. 140,000 compared to 134,000 before the surge.From his vacation home in Crawford he announced uncertainty of the October elections in Iraq as the reason.
He is leaving it all up to the Generals recommendations whether more troops will come home after July. Saying that stability is needed in October to ensure the voting process is kept on the up and up he is willing to commit the lives of our citizens to ensure his puppet regime is safely put in place.

He said decisions about any further withdrawals of troops will be postponed until August or September, with no promise there will be a reduction until after the elections.
"I think our generals ought to be concerned about making sure there's enough of a presence so that the provincial elections can be carried off in such a way that democracy advances," Bush said. "But I'll wait and hear what they have to say. But, yes, I mean, that ought to be a factor in their recommendation to me."
With Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visiting Baghdad today I wonder what political rhetoric the US Government will start slinging. Bush has already reminded the Iranians about the U.N.Security Council's proposed sanctions against Iran and urged Iraq's leaders to tell him "Quit sending in sophisticated equipment that's killing our citizens.". Iran has already denied arming Shi'ite militants.
With the decision to postpone troop withdrawals stated so firmly this writer wonders if the hollow cry of "Support Our Troops" will ever come from Bush again. I believe the only way to support our fighting men and women is to bring them home.
As we have seen there has been little support in reality.
Just empty words.