Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anti-Iraq opposition fractured?

A USA Today survey says Iraq War opposition breaks down into four groups.

It describes them as (my quotes where used):
• The “get out now, get all the way out, no preconditions” group, that includes me.
• The “leave after Iraq is secure” group.
• The “I want out but we’re stuck in an Iraq quagmire” set.
• The “I want us out but have tuned out” opposition.

The paper says the first two groups each make up 1 in 5 Americans and the last two each claim 1 in 10 people.

I think “fractured” puts it too strongly. I think Group A people like me have to do a better sales job with Group C that we can get out and with Group D to not tune out so much. (That said, I think I have half a foot in that camp at times myself). All this has to be done while outshouting, if necessary, Group B, especially to the degree Group B folks may have half a foot, or more, in the pro-war camp.

Along that line, the Politico claims support for the war is its highest since 2006.

Of course, the story spoils itself with extensive quoting of Michael O’Hanlon.

Nonetheless, despite Greenwald’s attempt to totally trash the piece, poll numbers are poll numbers. If they’re shifting, that has to be dealt with.