Thursday, February 28, 2008

Posters Made in Iraq

This first image is a WWII-era poster that appealed to shared American values regarding the dignity of human beings even during times of war. Now we have a president who seems destined, if not dedicated, to creating similar posters for future enemies of the United States.
The image posted here is just one of several newly-released images from the Abu Ghraib prison after it fell under US control.

Any claim to a moral high ground is long since lost. And the people currently under US occupation will not forget these images, even if some in America will choose to ignore them.

In a shameful attempt to defend John McCain's cowardly embrace of torture, David Frum appeared on the 2/22 Bill Maher program and repeated the word "professional" a great many times; I gather his point was that the CIA, unlike the Army, is "professional," and can therefore be trusted to torture captives in a "professional" manner -- a claim that's absurd and barbaric on its face, and the sort of thing that would instantly be construed as an attack on the "troops" if uttered by an opponent of the war.

It will be a long, slow climb up from here to restore the United States from the disgraces wrought in Iraq. The way to protect the troops and to reaffirm human dignity begins by stopping the war.

This is adopted from a post on my personal site.