Saturday, January 26, 2008

A blog comment that will break your heart

I posted how veterans in rural areas of the country are suffering the most with the lack of facilities to care for them and received a comment on the post from the wife of a National Guardsman, not only wounded in his body but in his mind as well. They lost everything and ended up living with a relative. They lost their home, went into debt and are left with a zero disability rating.

When you read it, let the words of O'Reilly penetrate your conscience since he doesn't have one functioning. First he said there were no homeless veterans sleeping under overpasses, then said there were no homeless veterans. He followed that with, yes there are homeless veterans but they are all drunks and drug addicts and mental cases. Well here's a story of just one family O'Reilly would rather ignore than help. Go here to read their story.

Keep in mind her husband wouldn't be wounded if he didn't go, was not willing to join the National Guard for our sake. What can we do for his sake?