Sunday, December 9, 2007

A small thing to brighten vets' holidays

While we continue the long-term effort to end this senseless war, Veterans for Peace offers a small, inexpensive, and immediate thing we can do to brighten the holidays for veterans in VA hospitals around the country:


Thanks to Bush Administration cuts to the Veterans Administration (VA) budget in recent years, veterans recuperating at VA hospitals aren't even allowed long-distance time to call home to their families over the holidays. Will you chip in and help our nation's veterans be able to call their loved ones this holiday season?

CREDO Action (from Working Assets) and Veterans For Peace have teamed up again this year to repeat last year's successful delivery of phone cards to 148 VA hospitals around the country. Reports back from the VA hospitals were fantastic; to quote one volunteer who helped deliver the cards...

"The Vets were astounded. Two hours of phone time is like gold to them. Many a tear was shed. Thanks to you, the holidays will be happier for lonely veterans around the country."

We've used our relationship with Sprint to get a great long-distance rate on these cards -- 2.9 cents per minute. This means that your tax-deductible contribution of $10.50 will get two-hour phone cards into the hands of three deserving veterans this December. A contribution of $52.50 will get phone cards into the hands of fifteen veterans.

Show support for other veterans that need our help! Don't our nation's veterans deserve a chance to call their families this holiday season?

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