Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Cost The Soul Of A Senator? Cheap: $48,500

From Buzzflash:

Senator Jay Rockefeller loves those telecom lobbyists. Well at least since March 2007 he has. In the last 5 years, Rockefeller received a pathetic amount of funds from AT & T and Verizon. Nothing that could cause a controversy. That all changed in March when the wiretapping telecoms discovered the power of the chairman of the Senate Select Commitee on Intelligence. Since March "telecom Jay" has received $48,500..
It would appear that Jay Rockefeller has figured out that it is easier to sell out to big business than provide principled leadership on the Senate Select Commitee on Intelligence, doesn't it? Or to represent the people who put him there.

And look how cheap it is to buy a senator nowadays! A mere $48,500! Why, that's probably only .0000000000000001% of their yearly profits!

It makes you wonder how much they paid…uh…donated, yeah, that's the ticket, DONATED for Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, doesn't it? I'll bet it was a lot more because of their "leadership" titles, eh? How many more of our senators have been bought so cheaply?

Geez, even Iraqi politicians make off with BILLIONS of American dollars, making our politicians an unqualified bargain. Or at least unqualified to actually stand up for Americans and do their fucking jobs.

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