Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"We want to die"

While listening last night to the BBC radio, I heard this statement from an Iraqi women who was located inside one of the internal refugee camps in Iraq. She is one of the two million internally displaced refugees inside Iraq. She is living in a camp with no security, no electricity, no clean water to drink.

“There is no gas cylinder. We have to cook on wood, no gasoline, no money. When I cook I am worried a spark could cause another fire. Is this a way to live? Let the Americans come with a plane and spray us with chemical weapons and kill us. It would be much better for us. We want to die.”

There you have it - bush claimed that he was invading Iraq because Saddam had chemical WMDs that he had used against his own people - without a mention of how the US was Saddam's buddy while that was going on - and now he and his administration have reduced the country to such misery that the people there WANT TO BE SPRAYED WITH CHEMICAL WEAPONS AND KILLED.

They have made things so very miserable that this Shi'a women (whose brother was killed by Saddam, by the way) wants to be dead in the same manner that Saddam had killed people.

One thing that I have gained from this illegal war and occupation - I used to wonder how Hitler did it in Nazi Germany - how did he get so many people to kill so many other people who had never hurt them - ruin their lives - and not ever seem to care. I no longer have to wonder how it was done. I have seen it done in my own country in front of my own eyes.

The US government and the US taxpayers have committed genocide against the people of Iraq, and have left the remaining Iraqi people so miserable they wish to be dead. I don't know how the people who supported this war, for even one minute, can live with themselves without throwing up every time they look in a mirror.

If you want to hear her speak, it is about 32 minutes into the radio program (link above). Bring a bucket for your tears and your vomit.

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