Friday, October 19, 2007

Raise your left hand if you are as sick of Nancy "can't kiss enough 'Publican ass" Pelosi as I am

I have had it with that miserable Republican-lite cephalopod (spineless, yet predatory).

Fuck her.

The only time she seems capable of showing any moxie at all, she is attacking other Democrats.

Fucking miserable bitch.

Here is what has me so fired up...

Fellow Bay-area Democrat Pete Stark, Californias longest-serving congressperson, said out loud yesterday what a hell of a lot of us say in private all the damned time.

He said that American soldiers and Marines are fighting and dying for the amusement of the sociopathic Deserter-in-Chief.

Of course, the Big Lebowski's in the GOP (motto: High Dudgeon 'R Us!) immediately started frothing at the mouth and emergency rooms throughout the land immediately filled up with stroke victims, so offended were their chickenhawkin' warmongerin' judgment passin' sensibilities. (They can't handle the truth! - apparently.)

Immediately the head of the National Gropin' Old Perverts denounced the "Democrat party" and demanded everyone who has ever driven through or vacationed in a blue state make with an immediate apology! The troops had been dissed! Oh horrors! Apologize now! If you don't, you aren't patriotic!

So what did the feckless, faithless, cowardly, pathetic excuse for a leader Pelosi do?

She took Stark to task!

What a bitter disappointment she has been. I thought she had brass ovaries, but apparently not. She is just another Republican't light, and I hope to hell we elect a passel of real Democrats next session and replace her worthless ass as speaker.

She is a far cry from worthy.

In fact, I hope she looses her god-damned seat to a primary challenger. Or even a moderate Republican. Hell, that's what she is, so really, what would be the diff?