Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Putting the "ACT" back into activist media

[Guest-posted by Joel Wendland of Michigan Class Notes]

Putting the "ACT" back into activist media

Building toward the October 27th national day of action to end the war in Iraq

Dear activist media representative,

George Bush is planning to occupy Iraq indefinitely, and many of our national leaders appear to be accepting that. We know that we cannot rely on the mainstream media to tell the story of our resistance to endless war and occupation honestly and accurately.

You don't need to be convinced that we must have our own voice, and that our voices are stronger when joined together and when linked to activism.

Political Affairs ( and our friends at People's Weekly World ( invite you to join the nation wide effort that is building right now toward the October 27th antiwar demonstrations scheduled for at least 11 cities in all regions of the country.

The marches are being sponsored and organized in a collaborative way by United for Peace and Justice and local coalitions and organizing committees.

The activist media can play a special role in promoting the marches and mobilizing our audiences to speak out in their local newspapers, radio shows, in meetings with elected officials, and more.

We request you to either carry an image, see: with a link to or develop your own graphic with a link. We'd like to hear your suggestions on how to build this movement, to give voice to the organizers of the marches, to amplify the voices of the peaceful, the veterans and the families, the workers, and so on. Can we share information and stories?

We also invite you to join with us in a media campaign that will orient our voice toward the mainstream media and demand that the voices of the peace movement be heard.

If you use the image and want to be listed with us in the campaign to "Put the ACT Back into Activist Media" just send us an e-mail at

As part of our mainstream media press release, we will include you on a list of media, websites, and blogs that want to speak out, help publicize, and join the October 27th marches to demand an end to the war, to bring the troops home, and to leave no one behind. Feel free to send us your links, quotes, contact info for interviews and so on.

Thank you,

Joel Wendland
managing editor