Friday, September 28, 2007

At Least One Democrat "Gets It"; When Will The Rest?

(Cross posted from BFD Blog!)

New Mexico governor and presidential hopefull Bill Richardson blogging at The Huffington Post today:

Come January, Americans are going to have to start making a very important choice: do we want to end this war or keep it going? Do we want a President who will end this war or not?

At the DNC Dartmouth debate on Wednesday night, Clinton, Obama, and Edwards all refused to commit to getting our all of our troops out of Iraq by 2013.

...Congress can end this war, they have the power to end this war, but so far they aren't getting it done. If they won't do it, our next President has to -- not in 2017, or 2013, but in 2009.
So Hillary, Barack, John, et al, when are YOU going to GET IT?