Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Joe Wilson On Libby Commutation: Bush Administration "Corrupt to the Core"

Keith Olbermann interviews Joe Wilson.

Joe Wilson: Springing Libby Shows Administration Is "Corrupt to the Core"
Editor & Publisher via truthout, Tuesday 03 July 2007

Appearing in an audio interview on MSNBC's "Countdown," Wilson called the move the latest evidence that the administration is "corrupt to the core." He added that it meant that the president was now participating in the "obstruction of justice."

Wilson called on both the president and Libby's former boss, Vice President Cheney, to "come clean" on their roles in the leaking of his wife's name, now that Libby has been spared prison. He called the leaking of the name "treasonous."

Asked by host Keith Olbermann if there was a "quid pro quo" - Libby would remain silent about crucial details of Cheney's role in the case in exchange for a pardon or commutation - Wilson answered, "absolutely."