Monday, July 23, 2007

Direct Congressional Oversight

If you happen to be in Washington, DC on September 4th and you're looking for something to do and someones necks to breathe down, here's a great idea.

America Stands Watch - September 4th, 2007:

Almost a year ago, America went to the polls and sent a clear message to our government: it's time to bring our troops home from Iraq. But our responsibility does not end when we exit the voting booth. This war is being fought with our money and by our sons and daughters, and we cannot wait for the next election and hope that America's government will eventually catch up with its people.

It's time we went directly to Congress – not with letters or marches, lobbying or phone calls – we'll meet them inside the House and Senate chambers. Congress reconvenes after their summer vacation on September 4th. Let's be there to let them know that we are watching.

We are calling on Americans to join us in the Capitol on September 4th, where we will gather in the House and Senate chambers and, at a given signal, rise to our feet together to stand watch over our government.

This is not a protest – it is citizens directly overseeing their government at a time when it has refused to respond to a crisis. The machinery of our democracy is supposed to be transparent, and despite the metal detectors and the tour guides, it still is: the galleries of the House and Senate are open to the public.

This campaign was created by The Action Mill. We are artists and activists who create nonviolent actions, websites and other tools - we consult with other groups on some campaigns, and some we run on our own. We did mostly local actions until the evening of the 2004 election, when we started Turn Your Back on Bush, which organized people from 47 states to travel to Washington DC for President Bush's inaugural parade, where they took part in a simple, clear action. Turn Your Back on Bush grew from two people and a website to organizers all over the country and a full-time volunteer staff of fifteen in two months time, and simultaneous actions were organized in Brussels, London, and Mexico City. You can learn more about that campaign at, and more about the Action Mill at

America Stands Watch grew out of our work with Iraq Veterans Against the War (

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