Monday, June 18, 2007

Molly and Joe: Bush is an Idiot

... We return to our regularly scheduled program:

Joe: Sheeez, Bush, the cancer, is a frigg'n idiot.

Molly: No he's not. Bush, the cancer, has gotten his friends rich, and is about to corner Iraq's oil for them too. He's even gotten the damn Dismalcrats to spew his talking points: "Iraqi's have to meet benchmarks...".

Joe: Like signing a petroleum law...

Molly: ... that gives two-thirds of the Iraqi people's oil to foreign corporations. And, "We can't cut off funds to the troops."

Joe: OK, so, he's a corrupt idiot.

Molly: ... and the Dismalcrats are letting him get away with it. "Steaming pile of vulture droppings," maybe, but not an "idiot."

Joe: It's too hot out for vulture shit to steam.

Molly: You're missing my point.

Joe: No. I get it. Bush, the cancer, is an idiot.

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