Monday, May 21, 2007

Dragon Skin Body Armor Part III

The other day I filed a couple of posts on body armor. People around WTWC wondered why. Well, I am all against optional war, but I am all for our war fighters. If we send people to fight, they deserve the very best in the way of equipment. "Not invented here" isn't an excuse.

NBC's May 20, 2007 report isn't out on YouTube yet. Well Part I is but it is mostly a reprise of the report originally posted at WTWC with a couple of interesting revelations. First, the Army's expert on Dragon Skin was not permitted to participate in the testing. Second, the Colonel who actually tested it has left the Army to go to work for the manufacturer of Interceptor Body Armor. As I said Part II of NBC Dateline report isn't up on YouTube yet. The transcript of NBC's test results show both systems are damn good, but the body armor that ultimately suffered catastrophic failure was the Interceptor Body Armor. You can see and read the May 20, 2007, story by Adam Ciralsky and Lisa Myers here.

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Searching around the net I found some pretty convincing video from the cable show FutureWeapons.

Part I


Part II

Maybe this is all hype, but considering the date problem, where the colonel went, the test results and what we have seen on these videos, I think it fair to say there is something goofy going on. Webb and Clinton's demand deserves real consideration.