Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democrats: Send the original Iraq funding bill, with this message

To riff on Uncle Ronnie, the Dems need to turn to the politics of hope. Send the same damn original funding bill, or something similar, back to Bush with these comments:

“Americans, we, the Democratic Congressional leadership, along with principled Republicans, offer Americans in general, and especially our soldiers and their families, the hope of returning home after a job well done, given the constraints of their operations.

“This Administration, on the other hand, preaches the politics of despair by saying, time after time, it has no idea when it can even get our troops out of Iraq. It preaches the politics of despair by continually trying to redefine what our troops’ mission is. It preaches the politics of despair by continuing to play on Americans’ emotions with these redefinitions.

“We offer the politics of hope. If the President has a better idea of what hope to offer Americans, we encourage him to show it now.”