Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Greetings from darkdaughta...

I'm darkdaughta. My other blog is here.

I'm new here. I was invited over the weekend but I waited. I wanted to bring something useful to the conversation. I wanted to bring something that locates me not just as a war resister, but also as a mama, as a flesh being who is attempting to deal with her lived reality as someone who benefits from the war in Iraq.

So, I thought every day since the first invitation about what would do this space justice and about what I could come bearing that would help to expose what our warlords have brought to the people of Iraq.

Before I begin, I just want to say that I'm thankful for the invitation. I haven't been invited to join a group of bloggers before. So this is a, that's too surface...this was something I couldn't have hoped for having ruffled the amount of feathers I've ruffled over the two years I've been in the blogosphere. My chest hurts with the terrible happiness I feel.

Nuff said.

Moving on...
This is something I posted today over at my main blog. It's for Wordless Wednesday. I try to post pics that galvanize and disturb whenever I possibly can.

These fit the bill. I have pictures. Once you check them I think you'll agree the contrast is clear. The creeping horror of it all is even clearer.

After the images, I've included a post I wrote a while back about what it means to be a homebirther living in north amerikkka as babies are born in Iraq bearing the signs of having been irradiated.

I can't say "enjoy", obviously. But I can, once more, just say thanks for the invitation to be present and to blog for this worthy cause. I will try to bring on the noise, filled with rampant complications and contradictions as best as I can, as often as I can.


My baby

Iraqi babies

We're raised to turn away from sights that discomfit.

Don't. Don't do it.

For more information about the effects of depleted uranium on Iraqi children please, please go here and here and here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Depleted uranium, wonderfully helpful warlords and complicating birth...

North amerikkkan, western, urban, oil greedy, resource hoarding, consumerist, capitalist, privileged, protected, fairly certain of "wonderful" outcomes and "whole", "normal", "healthy" babies...

Clean and comfortable homebirthing, spiritual, grounded, powerFULL experiences maintained with helpful assistance from imperialist, capitalist, patriarchal, upper class, white colonizing war mongering governments who dominate, bomb, poison, irradiate whole families, mothers and babies in other parts of the world...(resist denial that allows for ignorance of same story played out closer to home, insert more at "home" on the behalf of those who dominate.

We - the new, feminist, radical, conscious, politicized, stay at home parenting, nurturing wave of mamas joyfully post pics of free birthing, homebirthing, natural birthing, cesarean birthing labours, rebel against or embrace allopathic medicine and share the names of solid midwives and OBs all the while maintaining a sense of blissful obliviousness DENIAL that allows for the perpetuation of genocide and oppression on the behalf of us and our bouncing healthy babies.

[cue the cheesy video featuring the rosy cheeked new mama, amazed and stunned father and breastfeeding, vernix covered baby bonding moment after intensely powerFULL birth...make sure the picture is hazy with the smoke of bombs exploding nearby, that the air is filled with the sounds of extended family members crying out in rage and rebellion as they give up the ghost and pass over...but most importantly make sure that the glowing mama gets to bathe in colourful cut flowers spiked with depleted uranium and that the ground water used for her post birth bath is suitably perfumed and toxified with this right after baby is born and repeat until desired effects are achieved.]
From the bottom of my attachment parenting, homeschooling, homebirthing, midwife and doula loving, extended breastfeeding, kkkanadianized, amerikkkanized, north amerikkkanized, oil craving, resource hoarding, food wasting, gmo consuming, walmart shopping heart I say to the white, suited, male, upper class warlords, to their multi-cultural, gay, lesbian, closet or hetero administrative idiot minions and to their disposable pawns in camo whose violence supports my lifestyle:
"Thank you. I really appreciate what you do and how you do it."
Depleted Uranium-Related Birth Defects in Iraq